Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Susan's Review

Last semester I really enjoyed working on the film "The Hunted" with Lynsey and Suzanne. It was a very good practice for this year as i know what areas i want to get into now, and concentrate on more. Last semester i was background artist and i really loved working on them. I have always wanted to do traditional 2D backgrounds so this was such a great opportunity to do so.

I was able to help with clean up and inbetweening which was great to get back into after a long period of time. I think this film prepared me and also helped with where my strengths were. I wanted to test myself with doing the backgrounds by myself and i think i successfully did so. I also learnt about research and development, an area that i would particularly like to get into after i have finished this course. With this i have been able to carry on my practice of research through to my 4th year degree film.

I felt that our team worked very well together. We all played towards our strengths and i think that what made us work so well together. We communicated well and all turned up, and in the loss of a team member we all carried on without hesitation. Our ideas worked well together , and i think thats what made it so successful. I know it would have been better to have had a bigger team as it would have been easier on the workload but all in all it gave us a challenge, and we successfully completed it in a away.

I would like to go back to this film, maybe during summer to carry on with colour, as i think it will visually look great with the characters and backgrounds together. I still don't think we are completely finished with "The Hunted" just yet as i think our group would like to see it completed.


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