Friday, 10 December 2010

Scene 9 done and dusted........ Was going to add some things in post production for the turn, maybe some blurring will make it look better?


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Stalk :)

Scene 8 cleaned up! Yus! 

Last week to finish stuff, doin our best to get all the animation done for hand in's and put what we have together against the backgrounds. 

Colouring and post production can wait til next year :)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hunter run...

For this scene you'll only see the hunter's legs and part of his mouth as it dips down. Much easier to draw the whole thing though. Its on 2's at the moment so might pull it together slightly to make it smoother. We also want it to be noticeable that Swift is faster than him though. 

Any suggestions are welcome :)


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Finished backgrounds

Scene 2 - Panning shot. 

Scene 6 - Close up of Hunter running.

Final Scene - Shot of family

Scene 7 - Shot from Hunters ears, turns to look at the tree.

These are the finished painted backgrounds, all done in watercolours. We'll be adding layers in photoshop and then after effects for lighting and things.  Gettin there!

- Suba

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Swift and Dancing Suzanne by Lynsey


Here are a couple of Lynseys model sheets and sketches of Swifts babies to give you an idea of how damn cute they are :) We decided to base the three of them on each of us as well which makes it more fun

Baby model sheet

Some action poses

poncho baby

Monday, 15 November 2010


Swift Run Cycle by Lynsey

Stalk test by Suzanne when hunter approaches nest.

Babies Sleeping by Lynsey

Thought I'd put up a couple more to keep the interest going... Tried uploading the new animatic but the system cant take it! File too big methinks. 



Hunter Test

First piece of animation on the page! Here we have scene 13 where the hunter is about to maul Swift but gets pulled out of shot by big Daddy.

Hopefully have animation finished in a week's time! Then its on to colouring crazily for a week without sleep


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Hunter...some updates

This is the breakdown sheet for Le Hunter, need to change add a couple of things but this the main 'How to Draw' sheet.

Model Sheet for the Hunter! We agreed at the beginning he'd be really dark, almost like a demon.  I'm pretty happy with these colours so I dont think we'll change much else about that. There's been a couple more adjustments to his ears and head but I'm pretty pleased overall.

Shuzanne.. over and out!

Background Art!

                                                    Sorry for the delay folks! These are a few concept drawings and research for the environment.  We've settled on our backgrounds now but here are a few pieces of development. Handy for the production bible :)

Just some concept art, working out the layout.

Inspired by Snow White backgrounds, experimenting with trees....

I looked into Maurice Noble who did the original Disney backgrounds for the watercolour effect. Added Swift in there to see how she'd suit the environment.
I was keen to create a sort of mysterious, mythical forest. Once again it was more experimenting with materials as well.

This is the final style of the forest but will include a colour scheme with more purples and greens.  It still seems mythical but not completely made up. We're finding out about using particles in After Effects to add to this effect.

This is the basic colour scheme I'll be using. I've decided not to use it because it looks too flat.  The colours will be like this one though.

Suba - signing off

Monday, 11 October 2010


 (Back in the days of no pupils)


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Current Basic Schedule

Thought I should post the current script that we're working to. Pre-production is almost complete and thats us almost halfway through Week 4 :O

  • Script - DONE
  • Character Design and Environments - DONE
  • StoryBoard - DONE
  • Animatic - almost done, few tweaks and sound to do.
  • Layouts - half-way done.
So this week, we've had some Maya lessons which have been great but quite hard to take it all in at once. Our film is mainly 2D but we want to find out about using lighting and particle effects for the forest environments, in After Effects or Maya... Also have Toon Boom lessons next week which will be gooood!

 Finishing off layouts, character sheets and starting on line tests. Production is just around the corner! Waahaay!!




Babies asleep.
Soft breathing, whimpers


Mother in the distance by a bush. Quiet sound of rummaging and birdcalls.

C/U of Swift gathering food from a bush. A twig snaps.

X/C/U of Swift as twig snaps, she is alerted.

W/S of swift as she leaps off to the left of the screen. Makes a slight rustle as she exits.

Moments later, the Hunter darts past the same spot. He makes a louder rustle during his exit, more weight.


Swift sprinting, light sounds of her feet.

Panting slightly

Cuts to C/U of the Hunter’s feet pounding on the ground. Sound of his feet bounding.

Heavy panting, grunting

L/S view from behind the Hunters ears, swift in view. Comes to a fork in the path, swift runs left. Hunter stops, fatigued.
Heavy panting

The cry of the babies comes from the right.


Stops panting abruptly, grunts

He turns to face the top of the hill.


Babies’ heads are obscuring the beast. They cower down, revealing the beast stalking towards them.



C/U of Hunter from behind as he is about to pounce, hears a twig snap behind him and turns his head round.

M/S Swift kicks him in lower end of his body with full force, knocking the Hunter off balance. Sound of the kick.


W/S of the Hunter’s skidding down the edge of the hill.


Swift in the background she turns to look at her babies, their tails wagging, eager to see their mother.

 Squeal joyfully.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Welcome to our shiny new blog! :D

Finally getting round to putting stuff onto this, so will hopefully grab a few more followers! Our 3rd Year film is mostly a 2D piece which tells a story about the Hunted versus the the Hunter. More details will follow but for now here are some character designs of the Hunter to get us going.