Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Susan's Review

Last semester I really enjoyed working on the film "The Hunted" with Lynsey and Suzanne. It was a very good practice for this year as i know what areas i want to get into now, and concentrate on more. Last semester i was background artist and i really loved working on them. I have always wanted to do traditional 2D backgrounds so this was such a great opportunity to do so.

I was able to help with clean up and inbetweening which was great to get back into after a long period of time. I think this film prepared me and also helped with where my strengths were. I wanted to test myself with doing the backgrounds by myself and i think i successfully did so. I also learnt about research and development, an area that i would particularly like to get into after i have finished this course. With this i have been able to carry on my practice of research through to my 4th year degree film.

I felt that our team worked very well together. We all played towards our strengths and i think that what made us work so well together. We communicated well and all turned up, and in the loss of a team member we all carried on without hesitation. Our ideas worked well together , and i think thats what made it so successful. I know it would have been better to have had a bigger team as it would have been easier on the workload but all in all it gave us a challenge, and we successfully completed it in a away.

I would like to go back to this film, maybe during summer to carry on with colour, as i think it will visually look great with the characters and backgrounds together. I still don't think we are completely finished with "The Hunted" just yet as i think our group would like to see it completed.


Shuzanne's Review

Trying to reach in to my head and remember all the things that happened last semester, feels like forever ago to be honest.

Working with Lynsey and Susan was excellent, I think we all worked pretty well together and I had a great time doing it. Susan's backgrounds were beautiful and I think she developed her work alot during that time and seemed to enjoy herself as well. Lynsey is a fabulous animator and I loved working with her too. It was Lynsey's idea orginally however we all helped to refine the story which worked well.

Animation wise, I learned alot. It was the first time I'd animated an animal for instance, and during development I really became interested in character design. Looking back I'm happy with the work I produced though theres definitely things I'd change about his design now simply because I know alot more than I did back then, which is a good thing!

The project was great for us to just do our own thing and try and work out how things work from different angles (some more fun than others) but it was definitely great practise personally. As there was only three of us, we did all our own clean ups which proved to be quite hard work when you're trying to animate as well.

After Christmas, I managed to colour one scene and we still have one or two scenes to clean up that we've never really got round to. I thought it would be possible at the start of semester but we've really became consumed by Veggie Pirate work and Lynsey was doing a lot of work for the Duchess.

I hope that we'd be able to finish it, like Tom said on Lava, it would be great to do some over summer here and there but it seems that its not on the top of our priority list. I'm planning on doing my dissertation over summer so I can get it out the way as much as possible so it doesnt get in the way of Pirates. It'd be way too stressful.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and learned a whole lot.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Scene 13 Colour test

We decided for these close up shots we could just have a blue background.. might add more of a gradient so its not so flat.

The mouth is proving to be a nightmare to colour...

We have colour!

Scene 9 nearly complete! Here are a couple of the key frames coloured and against Suba's background. Nice to see it together :) Goin to animate the babies quivering in the nest or something, not too much animation.
Need to figure out compositing though...
Shuzanne x