Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Background Art!

                                                    Sorry for the delay folks! These are a few concept drawings and research for the environment.  We've settled on our backgrounds now but here are a few pieces of development. Handy for the production bible :)

Just some concept art, working out the layout.

Inspired by Snow White backgrounds, experimenting with trees....

I looked into Maurice Noble who did the original Disney backgrounds for the watercolour effect. Added Swift in there to see how she'd suit the environment.
I was keen to create a sort of mysterious, mythical forest. Once again it was more experimenting with materials as well.

This is the final style of the forest but will include a colour scheme with more purples and greens.  It still seems mythical but not completely made up. We're finding out about using particles in After Effects to add to this effect.

This is the basic colour scheme I'll be using. I've decided not to use it because it looks too flat.  The colours will be like this one though.

Suba - signing off

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